Word of Mouth Marketing

You do not need to pay millions or even thousands of dollars on a comprehensive marketing campaign to sell your products or services. You also do not need a high-pressure sales technique. All you need is word of mouth marketing, which is often free or at least very inexpensive. If you want your home-based network marketing business to be the next big thing everyone will be talking about, you should learn more about the power of word of mouth marketing.

What Makes Word of Mouth Marketing So Effective?

Consumers are so used to advertisements that it is easy to ignore them now. In fact, people no longer have to sit through commercials on TV or on the radio anymore since they now can DVR or stream shows and listen to music on their phone or MP3 player. This means anyone paying to market their products or services may not even be getting through to customers. The commercials that are still viewed by users have to compete with countless others to be memorable or effective at all. Additionally, salespeople are largely ignored or blocked by "no soliciting" signs.

If you want to simply save your time and money while still getting new customers, you should try word of mouth marketing. This tactic relies on the fact that most people are passionate about things they really enjoy, and they want to share that feeling with others. They will probably not talk about an ad they just viewed unless it is outrageous, but they will not be able to stop talking about a brand they love. Their genuine passion should spur their friends and relatives to try out the product or service, and in turn, those new customers will continue the cycle by telling their loved ones all about it.

What Does This Mean for Your Network Marketing Business?

It should be a relief to see how successful and easy word of mouth marketing is, since this can save you money. Instead of putting lots of money into expensive ads or hiring salespeople, you can create your own word of mouth marketing campaign. Keep in mind that not all the chatter about your brand will be positive, but the more involved you get by communicating to customers and fixing any problems, the more positive the feedback will be.

Get Started by Identifying Influential Consumers

Some network marketing companies have large programs devoted to enticing customers to talk about their brand and share the news. However, you should start small by first finding some people who would be willing to try out your product or service and then spread the news about it.

These people may be random individuals you approach, or they might be bloggers. The best people to choose to start your word of mouth marketing campaign are those who will be influential, meaning they will talk about your brand to everyone they know. Certain tools can make this job easy, which is why many people reviewing products and services use social media. This could include a blog online, an Internet forum or their own social media profile.

Give Them Something to Talk About

Once you have decided on the best brand ambassadors for your network marketing business, you should give them all something to talk about. This could be a new product or service that will appeal to them, or it could be a special money-saving deal. It could even be something that makes their lives a bit easier, such as an excellent return policy or superior customer service. You just need to think of something that will get them talking if you want word of mouth marketing to work for you.

Jump into the Conversation About Your Business

After you get people talking, you need to join in. This is especially the case if you see that either negative things have been said about your brand, or there is some confusion about it. You need to make sure consumers see that you care what they think about your network market business. This will prompt them to keep in contact with you, possibly even helping you improve your business through their suggestions once they see you are receptive to their feedback.

Measure Your Feedback

The final tip is to track your success with word of mouth marketing. There are several programs that will keep track of how many people are talking about your brand, as well as how many visitors your website has had. Of course, you also need to track your sales to determine if the increase in word of mouth marketing has helped your bottom line. If not, at least you know it is time to change tactics, which may include finding more influential people to talk about your network marketing business, and getting more involved in customer communication.

Give Word of Mouth Marketing a Try

Research shows that most people distrust traditional marketing tactics, but they innately trust what their friends or even strangers say about businesses. This is why you should give word of mouth marketing a chance to boost your network marketing business. You can start slow by just posting some testimonials to your site, and then you can expand the campaign by actively seeking several people to talk to others about your brand. Eventually, your success should far outweigh what a traditional marketing campaign would have brought you, and for a lot less money.