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There are indeed many reasons why folk want to be self-employed. In the unstable economies of certain countries, unemployment, pay cuts, job instability and rising fuel costs are immediate concerns. It is not surprising then that many people are turning to a home based business for income. In other countries where job security is not an issue, many simply have the desire to own their life, with time and money choices that aren’t available as an employee.

Network marketing has been a popular home business opportunity for many decades and is becoming increasingly prevalent today as more and more people turn to self-employment. Also known as multi-level marketing or MLM, network marketing is a strategy used by companies to sell products or services. Product users can sign up as distributors and earn commissions on all sales. These distributors can recruit others to do the same. This group of recruits then becomes the downline. Distributors earn commissions on their own sales, plus commissions from the sales of the downline. There are many advantages to operating a network marketing business that can lead to positive lifestyle changes.

Small Financial Risks

The dream of owning a business seems impossible for those who can't afford the costs associated with traditional brick and mortar businesses. Franchise fees, rent or mortgage expenses, payroll, and utility bills are just a few of the upfront costs of traditional businesses. These expenses can total hundreds or thousands of dollars. Debt can pile up quickly if the monthly operating expenses are greater than the profits. These investments present a huge financial risk if profits for the new business are slight or non-existent.

Network marketing is a viable option if you are struggling with financial stability or if you simply do not have enough money for large investments. Less than $200 will get you started on a home-based business in network marketing. Most companies only need a one-time start-up fee with no additional monthly or yearly dues. This small fee lessens the financial risk because it is easier to recover from a $200 investment than a $2000 investment. Plus, multi-level marketing companies are already established and sell products that people already use. There is a greater possibility of success selling products that are already in demand and that people are already familiar with.

Once the start-up costs are taken care of, there are minimal overhead expenses with a network marketing business. Since these businesses are operated from homes, costs are limited mainly to office supplies, much of which is tax deductible. If the company sells physical products, expenses may include product samples and demonstration materials, but you will only have to buy these once. In the past, network marketing companies often required distributors to maintain a supply of inventory. This obligation was both costly and used lots of valuable space. Improvements to the system have eliminated this requirement with online ordering and drop shipment capabilities.

The high-income potential of this home based business paired with its low investment requirements give you, as a new distributor, the ability to build the business slowly. Continue working your full-time job while running your home based business part-time on the weekends or your days off. Set small goals at first, such as taking the family out to a nice restaurant or taking a vacation. If your initial goals are unreachable, frustration and disappointment will cloud any chances for success. Refraining from setting goals that are too high will slowly boost confidence and a build the determination to improve sales. Gradually set your income goals higher as sales improve. Over the next 12 months to three years the network marketing business can become a full-time income and you can truly own your life.

Be Your Own Boss

As an employee, you are required to adhere to a strict schedule set by the employer. You must work a certain number of days, arrive at a set time, stay until a predetermined hour, and work for set pay. These restrictions make it extremely difficult to own your life and live the lifestyle of your choosing. By having to work a certain number of days and hours, you are limited to when you can take a vacation, spend time with family, or engage in any other enjoyable activities. Likewise, working for set pay severely limits the type of home you can afford, the type of car you drive, and even the clothes you wear.

Being your own boss gives you the freedom to set your own hours and work as many days as you want. A more flexible schedule will give you the time to complete household chores, attend your child's extracurricular activities and school functions, spend more time with loved ones, travel, pursue hobbies, or anything else you wish to do. Working from home as your own boss gives you the freedom to make a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

The network marketing business opportunity offers an unlimited income potential. No matter how hard you work at your job, your employer will pay you the same rate. Of course there are opportunities for raises and advancements, but pay is always reflected in the number of hours worked, not the amount of effort put into that work. Network marketing, on the other hand, pays its distributors commissions for all of their sales plus the sales of distributors in their downline. This means that you can increase your income without increasing the number of hours you work. You can actually reduce your working hours and still see your income grow.

Employees spend an excessive amount of time and money commuting to and from their jobs each day. The average person spends hundreds of hours a year commuting to work. Whether you drive yourself, carpool, or use public transportation, a considerable amount of time is spent traveling to and from work. Added to this are the costs associated with a daily commute. Not only do you have to factor the rising costs of fuel, but also the cost of maintaining your vehicle. These expenses can add up to hundreds of dollars each month.

Operating a home based network marketing business eliminates wasted time commuting, reduces money spent on fuel and lessens the need for vehicle maintenance and repairs. Think of the many more productive ways you could be spending your time. Instead of sitting in a car, train or bus each morning, you could spend more time with family, get more rest or start working earlier. Plus you will save hundreds of dollars each year in transportation costs. This money can be used for more desirable things, such as adding to a savings account for college or retirement.