Working from Home is NOT a Crazy Dream

Once there lived a good and generous man. He lived in a modest house. He made a comfortable weekly paycheck, but he was a slave to the old metal time clock that hung on the wall at his place of employment. Day after day he stood in line with many other workers to punch his card in that ugly gray machine. He begged for his vacation time every summer, he worked holidays when it was demanded of him. He worked for years and felt a surge of pride when he received a large raise; he bought a bigger television and a nicer car. His home was comfortable and his family was well cared for, yet his time was not his own.

Does this man sound familiar? Was he your father? Perhaps you even see a bit of your own life in his story; you always believed that you would make different choices, you wouldn't become a slave to your job, but somehow it seemed the inevitable happened. Is there no escape?

It would seem that the obvious solution is to create your own business, yet who has the sort of capital required to begin such an enterprise? You know that the freedom to live the life you desire is going to require a change, but the first steps to beginning a new business seem fraught with financial peril and risk.

What if there was another option - a way to work for yourself and choose your own hours without putting your future on the line?

Many people have rosy visions of a cozy little nook in a strip mall that they can build up into a profitable business with dedicated customers frequently dropping by, but the reality is that small business owners take on a burden of heavy risk when they decide to create a new business. There are many costs up front such as renting a building, staffing, utilities, insurance and advertising. Debt can accumulate quickly if the business is not an immediate success. Building a new business from the ground up can be a very stressful effort – one that has the potential to lead to crushing debt and even personal financial ruin if the fledgling business does not soon begin to bear up under the weight of its own costs.

Network marketing, on the other hand, can be a very promising choice to turn to for the opportunity to work from home. Start by finding an interesting new product from a stable business such as the new range of Coffee and Tea offered by SISEL International. Next you learn about the product and perhaps try it out for yourself. Once you have a working knowledge of the product, you become a distributor. You begin to promote the exciting new products that you have found helpful in your own life to your contacts - friends and family count too! For each sale you make you earn a commission for yourself. As your contacts become impressed with the quality of the products that you offer they may want to begin to sell and distribute them as well. This flow of commission spreads from all of the distributors below you on the pyramid back up the line and you are compensated for sharing the product as others continue to enjoy it. When you choose a company with products you can believe in and get excited about promoting, this sort of business experience can be very fulfilling.

One of the reasons that network marketing is such an attractive start for those interested in working from home is that it requires a minimal expense up front. If you wish to be self-employed but you have no nest egg accumulating in your bank account you may find multi-level marketing to be your dream-come-true. You can dip your toes into the water of network marketing with a company like Sisel Kaffe for less than $200, and begin working to see your dreams realized before you ever quit your day job. A minimal investment can lead to great returns with multi-level marketing. Some people are able to quit their job within months as they become proficient at network marketing.

The products from an established company like Sisel Kaffe are already known for their variety and quality, so it won't be hard to sell your coffee drinking friends on a flavorful cup of healthy mocha! Due to the daily use of a consumable good like coffee, you will find that the dues keep pouring in as you win over more customers to the wonders of premium coffee.

You may never have experienced being your own boss before; what would it be like to work at your own pace to meet your personal goals? There are no worries about making payroll for your employees, yet you may very well become a mentor to many others as the pyramid below you begins to take shape.

Remember that little joint at the strip mall you once longed for? You may never wish for it again after you have experienced the simplicity and flexibility of working with Sisel International. Even if you decide to begin your own business in the future you will be armed with knowledge from your low-stress network marketing experiences. In today's economy, you may want to prove your sales skills before you go broke trying to make a living on them. Companies like Sisel give you the opportunity to enjoy flexibility while you make new friends and learn marketing skills with a tried-and-true company selling exceptional products. Make sure that you have what it takes before you go for broke on an independent venture.

In this technologically progressive day and age, paying daily homage to the old time clock is no more necessary than working by the sweat of your brow to scratch out a living. Perhaps living the life you have longed for is a much smaller step than you ever dared to believe.