Be Self Employed & Own Your Life

In a recent article by Forbes Magazine, approximately half of the workforce will be freelancers or self-employed individuals by the year 2020. This represents a marked increase in comparison to the current number of freelancers, and you may be wondering what the possible reasons for this shift toward self-employment may be. Some may believe that being self-employed is more advantageous now thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Others may state that the business structures in the United States are weak and dying in their current state and that many are transitioning away from working in that business structure.

While these may be some of the suggested reasons for the shift toward self-employment, one of the top reasons may simply be that people are growing tired of the financial slavery that comes with working for another person or company. If you spend many long hours at work each day working in a job that you find mostly unenjoyable so that other people can profit from your hard work, you may understand first-hand what financial slavery entails. You may be struggling to build wealth and achieve financial goals while you watch those who you are working for become wealthier and live a life that you would like to live.

Self-Employment Can Lead to Greater Fulfillment and Satisfaction

When you think about the type of life that you want to lead, you may think about things like not having debts and having enough money in your bank account so that you do not have to be a slave to a paycheck. However, you may also think about getting your day started with a leisurely walk around the block or a workout at the gym. You may wish you had time in your day to attend all of the kids' school activities or wish that you did not have travel for your job and be away from your family for such long periods of time. When you think about the type of life that you would find to be more enjoyable and fulfilling, the only thing that is holding you back from achieving that life is your job. While you may think that you need your job to pay bills and to slowly inch your way toward achieving your goals, the fact is that being self-employed can have a dramatic improvement on your life. You can own your own life and live on your own terms when you are self-employed.

Profit From Your Own Work When You Are Self-Employed

There are a number of important benefits that you can enjoy as a self-employed individual. First, consider that self-employed individuals statistically earn significantly more money than their salaried counterparts. They also can take advantage of tax deductions and benefits that salaried individuals do not have access to. More than that, if you come up with an innovative idea, work over-time and go the extra mile in some way that benefits the business, you will be the person to profit from your efforts.

Take Control of Your Schedule

While many will agree that money cannot buy happiness, improving your financial status and achieving a greater level of financial security can bring you peace of mind and can help you to sleep better at night. This is something that you cannot put a price tag on, and it is also not the only major benefit associated with being self-employed. Being self-employed is hard work, and those who are looking for an easy road to riches may be sorely disappointed by the end result as a self-employed individual if they are not willing to put forth their full effort. When you are self-employed, you generally will see a return based on the amount of time and effort you put into your job, but you also will have far greater control over your schedule. You may still expect to work a full workweek, but you will not spend time commuting back and forth to work each day. This alone may save most people an hour or two per day, and this can be a life-changing amount of time. In addition, you will be able to work at your own pace and set your own schedule. You may start working earlier one morning, head to coffee with a friend, work through lunch, pick the kids up from school and work for a little while longer before having dinner. You can schedule time to have lunch with a spouse, volunteer for your church or the kids' school or anything else that is important to you.

Spend Your Time and Money As You Desire

When you are self-employed, you may find that you have more money from your daily efforts at your job and more freedom to live on your own terms. These two factors can be life changing, and they can improve your level of satisfaction and fulfillment with your life. Many people will use their extra time and money to further enrich their lives. For example, you may find it fulfilling to give back by volunteering more, donating money to charity, making memories with your family with trips and special experiences and more.

If you find yourself feeling stressed and unhappy with your life, it may be time to make a life change. You can start think about the steps that you need to take to make the transition to being self-employed as a first step. This initial step can be the first one on a road to a more fulfilling life.