Enjoy a lifestyle full of health wealth and happiness

Health, Wealth & Happiness are within Your Grasp

Explore the lifestyle benefits of network marketing that can improve your health, help you build greater wealth and ultimately discover true happiness. Are you looking for a little extra money each month? Enhance your lifestyle by joining either a coffee home party business for quick income or network marketing to generate an ongoing residual income.

Now is the time for action on Health Wealth and Happiness are within your grasp


Improve Your HEALTH

You already have the POWER to bring about a profound improvement in your HEALTH. This website offers a holistic and natural approach to wellbeing that anyone can implement.

Learn about FIVE essential elements that will have a beneficial impact on your overall health. There are no expensive training courses or supplements required, just a few simple lifestyle changes.

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Build Greater WEALTH

Are you ready to BREAK FREE from the daily grind? If you are tired of working hard to make other people rich, read on to learn how you can build wealth and enjoy financial independence.

This website does not promote any sort of get rich quick schemes. However, it does provide some good reasons why you should seriously consider starting your own home based business.

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Discover True HAPPINESS

The HAPPINESS that comes from getting the things we want doesn't LAST. No matter what we get or achieve, the happiness from these things will be short-lived, soon to be replaced with the pursuit of our latest desire.

Lasting HAPPINESS is much different. It finally comes to the surface when we learn to appreciate what we already have deep within us ... right NOW!

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The Philosophy behind the Lifestyle Plus website

These days it's relatively EASY to find information and gain knowledge on virtually any topic via the Internet. A somewhat more difficult task is finding the time within our hectic lifestyle to understand and apply useful information.

The objective of this website is to inspire readers to make healthy lifestyle choices that will improve their quality of life and their overall sense of wellbeing. Readers are encouraged to explore the key lifestyle elements presented within this website and incorporate them into their daily routine.

The team at Lifestyle Plus offer a simple approach to life that is focused on finding peace and happiness in our complex lives. Most of the ideas / suggestions offered here have their roots in early Christian and Buddhist teachings, but this website is not primarily about religion. It’s mainly about ideas that make a lot of sense and will make a big difference to your Health, Wealth and Happiness ... when applied.

What would it be like to OWN Your LIFE?

Are you ready to Break Free from the daily grind? If you're tired of your current lifestyle working so hard to make others rich, then explore this website and BLOG to discover how you can create financial independence. I'm not going to offer you a job and I'm definitely not going to promise that you'll get-rich-quick. Instead you will learn how to build a profitable Home Based Business in the Network Marketing industry.

What the Lifestyle Plus team want to offer you is an opportunity to be the CEO of your own Home Based Business. It's an opportunity to become financially independent and secure while working from home. It's also an opportunity to create more weekly income than you would ever have dreamed possible, with a Residual Income that exceeds the interest earned by many millionaires from their investment portfolios.

What I offer is SIMPLE ... It is an Opportunity to truly Own Your Life (i.e. build wealth and enjoy a better lifestyle).

So what does it mean to Own Your Life?

Owning your own life means you have the time and resources to enjoy life and help other people. In doing so, you become more successful yourself. By caring and sharing, you grow as a person and your business grows at the same time. You get the satisfaction of finally being able to do something bigger with your life, something important.

How many cars can you drive in one day? How many cruises can you take? How many houses can you live in? All of these things are important, but it's not because they matter themselves. It's because having them means you have financial freedom. You have personal freedom. You are no longer tied to going to a job five or six days a week, fifty weeks of the year.

You are no longer spending your best years, your years of good health and vitality, just getting by while others get rich. Instead, you have become a leader.

You have become a caring, committed leader, one with a passion for helping others. One who has the vision and desire to make a difference in others' lives. One who has the wisdom to realize that it is through helping others achieve their dreams that you will gain your freedom, that's the key to the Lifestyle Plus approach.

Right now you are probably working every day just to get by, with debts looming over your head. The people around you may tell you that the solution is to get a second job, or a different job. They don't understand that another job won't solve the problem. No matter how many jobs you work, you still will not own your life.

A home party plan business can help you live a healthier and more financially secure lifestyle. Check-out the coffee home party business from Sisel KAFFE, receive generous commission payments and have fun with friends sharing coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Lifestyle approach to Network Marketing

Network Marketing will enable you to spend more time with those you Love.

That is why you want to take this opportunity now. Spend time with your children now, while you have energy and enthusiasm. Travel now while you can enjoy the ocean, the walks through beautiful scenery, the nightlife in new cities. Don't work forty or fifty years just to retire and collapse from a lifetime of overworking. Own your life now!

Why Network Marketing offers Lifestyle Plus Benefits

Do you have 3 to 6 million dollars in the bank? That is what you would need for the interest to provide you with $10,000 per month in income. Even to get $5000 per month, you would need 1 to 3 million dollars in the bank. Are you going to be able to save that kind of money working for someone else? Working from home in network marketing can provide you with the residual income equivalent to having those millions in the bank.

At seminars the world over people tell of how they are making $5000 dollars per month. They are doing this within just one to three years. One to three years to begin to free themselves by helping others through network marketing. Network marketing is the only home based business that allows almost anyone to generate the residual income they need to have true financial freedom.

There are many ways to build a business ... Here's one that really Works!

Many people are wary of this business opportunity because they are afraid they won't be good at sales. The fact is, they are probably right. Less than 5% of the population makes good salespeople. The great thing is that you don't need to be a pushy salesperson to be successful. The team at Lifestyle Plus will provide ongoing training and support on how to be self-employed profitably while working from home.

Network marketing isn't about sales. It is about building a large organization by building a family of consumers. The more people you help, the bigger your business grows.

There are three basic business models, or ways that a business can be run. One is the product method. This involves getting people to buy your products. This approach will work, but it is very slow. You may sell some of your products today. Three to six months down the road the person may realize how much they liked it and tell someone else. Later, those people will try your product, and later still they will tell another person. Slowly, gradually, your business will grow.

Another problem with this method is that you are limiting your market. For example, the health industry has a market of about 15% of the overall population. At any given time, 15% of the people are sick, hurt or interested in health products. Of that, maybe 8% are interested in the products. To illustrate this, go to a health food store. Compare the square footage of that store to a local supermarket, and you will see very plainly how the demand for health products compares. So if you are selling health products, you are competing against all of the existing heath stores for a share of a small market.

That is why you want to use lifestyle marketing. With lifestyle marketing, the market is virtually unlimited. Remember, with network marketing your goal is not sales. Your goal is helping others. Your goal is to find other people who want something. People just like you, who want financial freedom. People who want to own their lives.

Start Working from Home Today!

Tim & Orr Grosvenor want to help you start enjoying the lifestyle of your dreams or just the simple lifestyle they enjoy. Imagine waking up tomorrow when you want to, instead of when the alarm tells you to. Imagine having the extra money to pay off your mortgage, pay off your creditors and even take a spur-of-the-moment vacation. Imagine not missing another school play or ball game because you had to be at work or lose your job. Imagine owning your life!

Take advantage of this unique business opportunity today ... Home Based Business Tax Savings

Learn how to go from a JOB that doesn't allow you to reach Your Full Potential, to an unconventional 3-Step Strategy that will enable you to break free from Corporate Bondage. You will discover the SECRETS that distinguish living a life by design, rather than by default. A life that you are in control of, Start Your Own Business and OWN YOUR LIFE NOW. How is this possible? I hear you asking ... Well I'm happy to show you some ways of seeing the world of work differently, to position you for more opportunities, and the right ones for the future. Just a few minutes now can get you the information you need to start your own successful home based business. All you have to lose is another day of working for next to nothing for someone else. Let me help you get started on the road to financial freedom today!

Work Less, Earn More and Live the Lifestyle you Desire with Network Marketing

Take a moment away from the grind of daily life and imagine a world of possibilities. When you choose to work from home, your time is spent how you want it to be. If you stay in the rat race, you will be forever stuck missing out on your child's sports game and your family reunion. With a work at home job, you set your own hours and rate. Work at home jobs in network marketing enable you to own your life.

Lifestyle Plus Approach to Avoiding the Rat Race

Far too often, we become stuck in the menial tasks of day-to-day life. One work project transforms into another deadline and another round of stress-filled weekends. When you work in a corporate position, your employer hires out your skills. If the company does well, you might get a raise. When the business performs poorly, your pay could suffer or workers can even be dismissed. There are no good reasons to live at the beck and call of a boss when you can escape the rat race. You can work on your own timetable and set your own hours. With consistent attention, your at-home business can make enough money for you to do all of the things you dreamed of. From traveling the world to spending time with family, you will have the hours you need for your favourite activities.

Tax Break and Low Financial Risks

One great thing about having a home business is that you can deduct business expenses on your taxes. Most countries around the world want people to start their own company because small businesses can boost the economy. When you buy office supplies or travel to meet clients, you can write off many of these trips on your tax form. You lower the amount of taxes you pay while living according to your terms.

Financially, network marketing is a better deal than many franchises. With a typical franchise company, investors have to spend thousands of dollars to start up their business. A franchise owner has to pay for rent, payroll and franchise fees. Before the business even opens, they have to spend thousands of dollars stocking their shelves with products. If the franchise does not take off quickly, the owner is stuck with massive amounts of debts and continued overhead costs.

Unlike franchises, network marketing enables you to get started on your dream job for only a few hundred dollars. If your home based business performs poorly, you only have to recoup a small fraction of the cost franchise owners would. The start-up costs generally only include things like product samples, training or office supplies. You never have to stock pile products because you can have them shipped quickly with the click of a computer mouse. With a low investment, you can begin your dream business and watch sales take off.

As your business grows, you can begin to develop residual income. Sales you have made in the past or newly recruited employees will end up making you extra money. To develop a money-making enterprise, you should always work your way up the ladder. Start with small goals at first and be patient. Over time, you will be able to develop a reputation and a strong customer base.

Since it can take a while to start a business, many people do at-home work part of the time while they keep their day job. By doing this, they can develop a business and ensure that they have enough income to leave their job. Successful businesses normally build up their clientele over the course of at least six months. Within one to three years, most at-home companies are profitable enough for it to be a full-time job.

Get a Running Start with your Home Based Business

To become an engineer, you would have to spend at least four year in college. Many doctors will attend more than a decade of schooling. With a home-based business, you can learn while you earn. People can get started in networking marketing with a minimum level of experiences. Often, distributors will help you to learn new information so that they can sell more through you.

To make the process of running a business easier, choose to sell things you really care about. Your passion will spread to the customers. This shared passion directly translates into more sales, return clients and referrals.

Empower Yourself

Do you remember when you were a kid? What dreams did you have? Many children make out a goal list for their life, but never get a chance to fulfil it as an adult. From climbing Mount Everest to writing a book, your time can be spent the way you want it to. You can rearrange your work hours to squeeze in an extra yoga class or a candlelit dinner. If you see a cheap ticket the Caribbean, you will finally be able to take advantage of it. By trying new things and living out your dreams, you can empower yourself and become a fulfilled individual.

You should always keep in mind that network marketing ... or any home based business ... will not instantly make you rich. It takes time and dedication to build a clientele and create the kind of word-of-mouth advertising you need for your business. Since network marketing never involves cold calling, it can take time for your profits and exposure to snowball.

The positive side of this is that you are still learning new things while your business is growing. Constant streams of new information keep you mentally focused on your job and enthusiastic about your business. By slowing building a client base, you develop self-confidence and personal dedication. This line of work will also help you to be more comfortable speaking to others and a better communicator. From travel time to interpersonal skills, working in network marketing helps you to empower your life.

Be your own Boss

There are many different kinds of bosses in the world. Although there are some people born to lead, there are other employers who make time at work seem like drawn-out torture. An employer chooses what hours you work and when you can leave. They also select your pay rate and decide if you receive a raise. If you have a cooking class every Tuesday night, your boss can rearrange the work schedule in a way that you will not be able to attend class. From spending time with loved ones to doing your favourite extracurricular activities, your every desire is hindered by what your boss says.

Working in a corporation is not just a terrible option because of skipped raises and bad work schedules. In a corporation, you are never allowed to choose you wage rate. If you work your hardest, you will still be left with a wage decided by your boss. In network marketing and other at-home jobs, you end up setting your own pay scale. The amount you put into the job is directly related to how much money you get out of it. If you want more income, you can work more. For individuals who love their free time, working fewer hours can also be an option.

Take your Business with You that's Lifestyle Plus

In a normal workplace, you show up each day at a set time and clock in. Working from home enables you to bring your work with you to anywhere you want to go. As long as there are Wi-Fi connections, you can take your laptop and remain in touch with your clientele. You can sell your products from the neighbourhood café or meet new contacts while you are on a flight. With the advent of the Internet, you can bring your business with you anywhere. The rise of on-line stores and blogs also lets you to reach new clients in locations around the world.

In traditional businesses, you have to commute to work. Whether you choose to go by car or bus, you waste precious time getting to work. Companies do not pay you for the hours spent alone in a car. Ironically, you almost pay them. With the rising cost of fuel and lack of alternative transportation, you end up spending money before you even start your workday.

Network marketing lets you avoid the commute. You can stay at home while you call customers or connect with clients on-line. When you choose to leave the house, it is on your schedule. With all of the hours and income saved, you will find it that much easier to reach your ideal income goal.

Like any business, you will have to work at network marketing before you develop a respectable income stream. Unlike traditional companies, you are in charge of your income and hours. Network marketing lets you own your life and live each day the way you wanted to. Too many people spend their lives dreaming of a vacation only to grow too old or sick to take it. Start living your life the way you dreamed it would be. Set your own hours, take a vacation when you want to and feel satisfied knowing that your business is a success because of the work you put into it.

Working from home can provide significant cost savings in car running expenses save a lot of time previously spent commuting. On the downside there are often more distractions when you work from home. You may be tempted to catch up with the laundry or do some vacuuming. Operate your home office like a real business and devote sufficient time and effort if you want your home-based business to be successful. When talking to a client on the phone it does not matter what you are wearing but it is necessary to have things well organised in your home office.

If you conduct your home-based business activities as you would in a traditional business your chance of success will be much greater. Working at home will not suit everybody … you need to be self-motivated and not need someone else to tell you what to do next or remind you of upcoming deadlines.

Work from Home Business Opportunity Benefits

Being your own boss gives you the freedom to decide how to spend your time without worrying about the sometimes unreasonable demands of a traditional employer.

Do you want a better Lifestyle? Most people only have one or two hours free time each day to do the things they love doing. Time spent working, commuting, eating and sleeping leaves on a few hours for fun and enjoyment of life. Tim Grosvenor the Aussie CEO of Fun will teach you how you can own your life.

Earning a passive or residual income is the key to a enjoying a great Lifestyle from your home based business. Owning your life is all about sharing the benefits of owning your Multi-Level or Network Marketing business and it doesn't involve selling products. As a Lifestyle Trainer you will be teaching people how to live better lives and enjoy financial security. Forget searching the positions vacant for a new job instead look for a home based business opportunity that pays you for sharing the benefits with others.

You too can become a CEO of FUN, enhancing your lifestyle and making a real difference to the lives of others simply by sponsoring just one more person. To live the life of your dreams i.e. get what you really want you need to start thinking like a CEO. True happiness comes from within, when we learn to accept ourselves as we are, far from perfect but, truly lovable!

What makes the Lifestyle approach to Network Marketing so Simple?

Lifestyle Trainer Tim Grosvenor will explain how to be successful in MLM / Network Marketing using a simple analogy of learning to drive a car. Home Based Business building and management process made simple. The metaphors continue with the comparison of building a large skyscraper. A profitable SISEL Home Based Business must be build upon a solid foundation. It's a relatively simple process to build a profitable network marketing team and become the CEO of your own business, however it's essential to prioritize your time and efforts, working with the most promising team members. You can contact Tim Grosvenor in Ballarat Victoria Australia.

Lifestyle Plus: The Benefits of Working from Home

Escape from your small office cubical, network marketing allows you to become a business owner (i.e. CEO of FUN) earning an ongoing residual income with the time freedom you could only previously dream of having. Owning a work from home business and enjoying a better lifestyle is closer than you ever imagined.

Start by inviting people you already know (i.e. warm contacts) to join your business opportunity, simply ask "Do you Own Your Life?" After you have five committed business builders you then need to spend the majority of your time helping them sponsor their friends and become successful in their work from home business. Experienced Lifestyle Trainer and Aussie CEO Tim Grosvenor will show you how to maximise your effectiveness in network marketing by maintaining a positive attitude.

Follow three simple steps to expand your team and increase your earnings from residual income. It's all about empowering your network marketing team members to make informed choices. Help them escape the rat race of being stuck doing the same thing day in and day out by expanding their horizons. Learn from the Aussie CEO of Fun how to take advantage of the network marketing business opportunity and live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of enjoying.

Network marketing is like a pyramid, but turned upside down. Everybody starts on an equal basis at the bottom with an unlimited scope to grow their business upward adding more and more independent business owners to their organisation. Owning your own life isn't just about living a life of luxury with expensive cars and houses, however that is possible. Network marketing allows you to work less, earn more and live the life you desire, especially so when you employ the lifestyle marketing approach. Isn't it time you seriously considered building a profitable home based business with help from the Lifestyle Plus team? You can be your own boss, earn more and work less while you build financial security. Now is the time to live the life of your dreams. Owning your life gives you the wealth and time freedom to help others achieve their dreams as a MLM Lifestyle Trainer, that's the simple lifestyle approach to Network Marketing.

Updated September 2, 2015