How to Build Wealth working for Yourself

Often those who want to build wealth are stuck in a job they hate, and they want to build a happy and fulfilling life. Managers, bosses and co-workers can be a drain on the pleasure that used to come with the job. You would be much happier if you found a self employment opportunity where you are the only one responsible for your financial success.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki talks about how his father worked paycheck to paycheck with never enough to make ends meet. His best friend's father was rich, and through his "rich dad" he learned that his money should work for him. It shouldn't be the other way around. Your money should work for you so you can enjoy your life. You can do this through making sacrifices, reducing debt and finding work that you love.

What You Love

First, you really have to find something that you love to do, but it must make money. You might be emotionally fulfilled working at a pet shelter, but it's not going to help you build wealth. Think about what would make you happy, and align that happiness with your current skills. If you don't have the skills now, can you learn the skills later? It must be a successful opportunity that you can see yourself doing for years.

Focus and Motivation

You have to find your motivation as well. The reason behind your desires will go a long way towards providing your motivation. Whether it's more time with your family, a better home and neighborhood for your children or financial independence, use the motivation to keep you focused. The reason behind your dreams will help sustain your motivation and focus in the years to come.

Reduce Debt

When you have debt hanging over your head, you will stay trapped in the same job you've hated for years. Struggling for each paycheck isn't the key to happiness and fulfillment. You'll need a clear plan to reduce debt. You might need a financial planner to help cut costs and restructure some of your debt. You could also reduce costs by not eating out, making coffee at home instead of buying it and taking public transportation to work. If you're working towards a brighter financial future, the hardships will be worth it.

The Right Attitude

Having a positive attitude can go a long way towards bringing you to your goals. It's less of a struggle when you know your motivations. The voice in your head is the loudest thing you can hear. It can help or hinder you in your quest for happiness and financial success. You can control the message that your self critic conveys. Through affirmations and visualization, you can overcome self-doubt, fear and stress easily. If you have a hard time changing your current thought patterns, you could print or write out some affirmations and leave them around the house for yourself. While brushing your teeth, you can look in the mirror and read some positive words to yourself.

Visualize the End Goal

People who don't visualize the goal can get lost in the daily struggle. They lose their motivation and wonder what the point is. If you are giving up coffee in favor of a new life, you can forget if all you feel are the caffeine withdrawals and none of the joy associated with your dream. It helps to visualize the goal with all your senses too. In an end goal involving a better life for your family, you can visualize your children laughing in the yard. You could be sitting on the porch with a glass of cool lemonade while inhaling the scent of freshly mown grass. The senses can be extremely powerful when visualizing the goal.

Staying Healthy

While achieving the goal might involve sacrifices, your health should not be one of those sacrifices. Eating healthy and staying active will help your body and mind feel fit and energized. When you struggle with a sluggish body and foggy mind, achieving any goal past staying awake can be a problem.

Keeping Active

While it may seem impossible to exercise when you're incredibly busy, it's the best way to stay in shape while increasing energy. If you don't have time or money to join a gym, a brisk walk around the block can clear your mind and energize your body. If you don't eat healthy and exercise regularly, you'll end up gaining weight, which can be incredibly depressing as well as sap your energy and motivation.

A Good Night's Sleep

You might have to stay up later when you're working harder, but it's important to get a good night's sleep. Even if it's only 6 hours of sleep, you'll need to make sure it's restful and restorative. It recharges your body and restores your energy for the day ahead. A person who is working hard, is stressed out and is tired will not be working at their full potential. They can become depressed and angry too.

Find a Mentor

This person could be a family member, or the family member of a friend like Robert Kiyosaki's "rich dad" in the book. You decide whether you want someone to be your cheerleader, or someone you can emulate who has been extremely successful. It helps to have people in your corner to motivate you to keep going when you're having a hard time.

The secret to building wealth is finding something that you'll love to do, so you're not working paycheck to paycheck. You'll have to reduce your debt while making sacrifices to achieve your dream. While it can be a struggle, keeping your motivations and positive attitude in the front of your mind will help you achieve the dream.