Regular Exercise promotes Health and Wellness

Exercising regularly can make you feel better and more energized. When you feel good, you can tackle tough tasks throughout your day. It can benefit your emotional and mental health too. There are so many benefits to regular exercise.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise

Controls Weight

Regular exercise can help you lose weight or control your weight. As we age, our bodies' metabolism starts to slow down, which can cause weight gain. While you might be doing the same thing you did when you were younger, your body isn't always able to repair the damage from bad habits. With intense exercise, you can lose weight, but any movement throughout the day will have a positive impact. Over the age of 40, many people will gain at least a pound per year. Although, it may seem to be an age factor, it might actually be related to activity level.

Combats Health Problems

There are many diseases that will have an impact on an unhealthy person. From heart disease to unhealthy triglycerides to diabetes to high cholesterol, there are a number of diseases and health conditions that can be linked to excess weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. A person doesn't have to be overweight to be at risk for certain diseases if they don't eat healthy or exercise regularly.

Improves State of Mind

When you exercise, you're not only creating great habits in your life, you're striving to improve your mood. Whether it's a gym workout or a walk around the block, being physically active releases various chemicals in your brain that bring pleasure and happiness. You'll feel better about your appearance, which is always great for your state of mind. When you feel better about how you look, you'll have more self-confidence. That more positive state of mind will have an impact on every other aspect of your life.

Boosts Your Energy Levels Exercising regularly can improve your strength and endurance. When you can walk briskly for 10 or 20 minutes, you'll be less likely to be winded while doing household chores. Improving your endurance will exercise your heart. It'll make it easier for you to be even more active. It's like a snowball rolling downhill. You'll gather momentum and find it easier to exercise regularly. You'll definitely have more energy when you boost your activity level too.

Helps You Sleep Better

Being active during the day helps to exhaust you both physically and mentally, which promotes better sleep. It can help whether you're having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. Make sure you don't exercise too close to bedtime since it will energize you. That could make it harder to fall asleep.

Tips for Being Active

Start Slowly

Don't expect to be able to run a mile if you've never walked a mile. Start where you are right now. If you can walk a half mile, that's where you should start. In a week, increase the pace of your walk or the distance. You don't want to strain yourself when you're first starting your regular exercise routine.

Stretching Before Exercise

If you stretch before each workout, you're less likely to strain a muscle or hurt yourself. If you don't want to stretch, you can walk slowly while pumping your arms and legs before starting your routine. A cool down for five or ten minutes can be helpful too. You can decide what works best for you. You might have to try both situations to see whether stretching should happen before or after. You may find that you like to do both.

Drink Enough Water

It's important to stay hydrated during any kind of exercise. It's vital throughout the day too. Aim to drink water before, during and after your exercise routine. The frequency will depend on how active you are during your regular exercise. It's not enough to drink water during your exercise. Make sure you are staying hydrated throughout your busy work day too.

How to Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

Orr and Tim Grosvenor happy couple enjoying cycling part of their healthy lifestyle

Orr & Tim Grosvenor keeping active and having fun

Many people think that if they aren't working out for an hour, it's not worth the time. That's not true. If you work out for at least 10 minutes every day, you'll see the benefits. You'll become more energized and feel better both mentally and physically.

  • You can walk during your lunch break. Instead of sitting and chatting with friends, encourage people to walk with you.

  • Children are a great motivator to exercise more often. They know how to make exercise a fun and playful time. Follow their lead and be more active with them.

  • Instead of taking the elevator, strive to take the stairs more often. You can find opportunities to walk up the stairs at your doctor's office, your job or the store. When you're looking for more opportunities to walk, you'll find even more situations to do it.

  • Try to exercise every single day whether it's a walk around the block or a mile at the park. You could join a gym, or if you're trying to save money, you could find a local walking group. There are sites online that feature groups that want to be more active. It helps to have an exercise buddy.

  • The exercise that you do each day doesn't have to include walking. Some people don't enjoy walking, and that's okay. It's important to find an exercise that you like to do so you'll continue to participate. It could be a sport like basketball or soccer. You might like to explore some exciting mountain bike trails or enjoy cycling leisurely beside a lake. Whatever exercise you choose should be done more than once a week.

  • Don't skip more than two days of exercising. Once you get into a routine of exercising a few days a week, you'll need to keep up with the habit. It helps to have a routine that you'll stick to each day, and if you miss more than two days, it's easy to stop completely.

There are many emotional and health benefits to exercising regularly. While it can be tough to get started, once you do, you'll start to see the benefits immediately. You'll be more energized, healthier and more confident. Start out slowly and work yourself up to the desired level of activity. Make it a part of your daily routine too.