Healthy Activity for both Mind & Body

Once you come to the realization that the basis for personal happiness comes from intangible resources that exist within, rather than through material possessions, you'll experience a sense of peace and satisfaction that is almost indescribably wonderful. The journey to personal happiness is unique to each individual. However, there are some general healthy activities for the mind and body that can help everyone who is embarking on the amazing journey to lasting happiness.

Clean your house

If your home is filled with clutter, that environment can weigh you down physically and mentally. One of the first steps on your journey to happiness should be to de-clutter your home. Keep only the items that hold intense significance for you and those that support positive emotions. You should definitely remove any items from your home that hold some sort of negative connotation for you. It's highly likely that you'll experience a sense of liberating freedom once you've donated your unwanted or unnecessary items to a charity. Just as you can't think clearly with a cluttered mind, it's difficult to enjoy physical comfort, mental clarity and emotional peace when you're surrounded by clutter.


Living a simplified lifestyle can free up time and space for you to resume a hobby you have abandoned or to pursue a new hobby that will challenge your mind, lift your spirit or lead to a healthier lifestyle. Gardening is a popular hobby. Raised beds and container gardening have made it possible for those with space limitations or physical challenges to reap the numerous benefits of growing a garden. Enjoying the bounty from your garden can encourage you to adopt healthier eating habits.

Learning new things that involve mental challenges is a great way to keep your mind sharp. You can take advantage of learning opportunities that are offered by a community college or local organization to expand your knowledge on a specific subject or to learn something totally new.

Hobbies such as reading, puzzle solving and crafting can challenge your mind. For mental stimulation and personal enjoyment, you might consider taking an art class, a writing class or learning some type of craft. With the clutter removed from your home, you can use some of the newly available space to set up an art center, a writing area, a craft station, a table for a jigsaw puzzle or any number of activities that you previously couldn't find space for.

Getting to know yourself

Have you ever felt like you know your friends or family better than you know yourself? You have to know your authentic self in order to discover what makes you happy. Therefore, it's essential that you take steps to uncover and discover your inner most thoughts and ideas. There are several ways to delve deep within and discover what makes you happy. Setting aside some time each day to write a gratitude list or an entry in a personal journal is a great way to become intimately acquainted with yourself. It's an ideal way to discover what truly makes you happy. Once you know what that is, you can focus on nurturing that happiness.

Happiness begins within and radiates outward. You must feel comfortable with solitude in order to be happy. You should be as excited, or possibly even more excited, to have a date with yourself as you are to have a scheduled meeting with friends. While it's good to incorporate activities into your life that challenge your mind, it's also essential that you give yourself an opportunity to clear and calm your mind. Whether you choose meditation or solitary walks, this period of silence is an important key to connecting with yourself.


Balance is important in every aspect of life. While you need periods of solitude, you also need to experience the benefits that come from socializing with others. You can incorporate healthy activities that are beneficial to your mind and body into your socializing activities. That creates a win-win situation for everyone. As an activity to enjoy with friends, you might want to attend or create a book club. Dining out with friends or preparing meals for friends opens up the door for mentally invigorating conversation and gives you an opportunity to explore new, healthy foods and recipes. Meeting up with a friend to enjoy a walk, exercise or to engage in some type of sport can provide beneficial exercise for both of you.

Volunteering offers you a unique way to add variety to your social calendar. Your options for volunteer opportunities are almost limitless. You can volunteer to help children in a reading program or to offer a smile and comfort to patients in the hospital, nursing home or hospice center. If animals are your passion, you could volunteer to help out at a local shelter or foster some animals that are waiting for a home. Youth groups, civic organizations, schools and many other places are possible options for finding your volunteer niche.

A journey involves movement. Your journey to lasting happiness is an evolving process. It's essential that you continually seek and engage in healthy activities that challenge your mind and body. It's not material possessions, financial affluence or social status that brings lasting happiness. Instead, it's being comfortable with yourself and doing the things you enjoy that enable you to experience lasting happiness.